Beginner Woodworking Projects

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Kitchen Board

www.ladiestoolkit.comThe most recommended starter project for woodworking hobbies, is carving boards. Many people love to make these and they are great gifts or something you can sell. A lot of people do not like the hard plastic cutting boards that are sold in stores. They want something that is not only functional but adds to the d├ęcor of their kitchen. Some of the plans show you how to make a carving board with handles, so that you can double it as a serving tray. Imagine slicing up all your different cheeses on the one board and then serving it at the coffee table.

Shoe Dryers And Shoe Organizers

Shoe dryers and shoe organizers are fairly simple and very useful. You can create a three level shoe holder that is left at the front door for people to set the shoes in, while the rain or snow drips off onto a waterproof base. For closets, especially those big walk in closets, a multi-level shoe holder is great. You can build it with shelves or combination shelf/dowels to hang the shoe or even a few purses from.

Magazine And Bookshelves

Do you subscribe to National Geographic? All those magazines would look great stored in a natural wood holder. You can build them to hold 12 magazines. With that idea, you can have each year lined up and ready to find and re-read.

Spice Caddies And Spice Racks

Spice caddies and spice racks are also a great starter project. You can build them as mini-shelves or go all out and carve the holes in the base to set your individual bottles in. For serious cooks, you can build a simple four to five foot tall spice rack. This will be attached to the wall in the kitchen using wall anchors. You need to attach it, to avoid the rack from being knocked over and the bottles that go in this rack are larger than the little spice bottles that most people use. The more time you spent in the kitchen, the less time at the fast food joint, so make your kitchen a place you want to be.

Garden Benches Or Step Stools

Simple benches for the garden or step stools for indoor/outdoor usage can be on your list. A nice solid bench to sit on while admiring your flowers is very pleasing. Indoors, there are number of uses for simple stools or rectangular stools. In fact, some people find it difficult to work in the kitchen because of their limited height. To chop vegetables or mix something in a bowl, is a difficult thing to do when you have to reach up. Having a nice rectangular stool that is solid and well balanced, makes it much easier to prepare food for cooking or reaching the top shelves to store glassware.