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Light Switch Covers – Just Need A Screwdriver

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Simple Tasks – Just Need A Screwdriver

A great way to add a touch of class to any room at a budget cost is to change your switch plate covers. What are they? They are the covers for the light switches or rocker switches in the rooms of your home – the parts you often need to clean down from grubby little fingers (or even big person grubby fingers) turning lights on and off.

https://www.ladiestoolkit.com/These light switch cover plates are vitally necessary, to keep fingers away from electrical contacts but they don’t have to be boring. Better still, you can convert a switch, changing over an old, yellowing wallplate cover for colored light switch finger plates or a beautiful designer switch cover or art plate easily with just a screwdriver.

No need to turn the electricity off. There are usually just two screws holding the plate to the wall and these just need to be removed, the old switch cover plate lifted off, the new one put in its place and two screws tightened up again. Some wall plates may come with push on screw covers to match the art plate decoration. These just push on and lever off.

Rocker switch covers, switch plates and other light switch covers have been seen purely as utilitarian things, probably ever since they were invented. They were:

  • essential,
  • there for safety and
  • needing to be kept clean but
  • otherwise they were made to hide in the background,
  • blending into invisibility if possible.

Now you can get cool light switch covers that are beautiful art pieces, that make a statement, that complement your decor or are fun for kids.

You can buy classic finishes and styles in many different materials from shiny satin nickel to resin composites, from wood to ceramic, including antique brass light switch surrounds and with many different designs, from classic paintings to kids favorites. Wallplate covers not only keep your electrical boxes covered safely, away from accidents, but with the new switch covers, you can add decorative value to all the rooms of your home.


Check that the screw holes in the new wallplate are in the same place as those in the old wallplate, unless you are happy drilling new screwholes SAFELY and know where your electrical wires are in the wall you will be drilling into.