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Tools You Need For Simple Woodworking Projects

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Tools From Yard Sales

There are dozens of tools out there and when you become a woodworking hobbyist, expect some for birthdays and the holidays. In the meantime you will need to collect some basic tools and if money is tight, you can pick a lot of these up at yard sales for a really good price. Make sure to be the first person at the yard sale because tools and games are the most looked for items.

Basic Tools


You will need a basic hammer and one that fits your grip and isn’t too heavy. If you can afford it, buy several different sizes for different projects.

Screws And Nails

An assortment of screws and nails. Remember, you can ask at a yard sale for an item you need and don’t see. People may not put out a box of screws but if you remind them, they may tell you they have a bunch you can have. Serious folks who go to yard sales, score big time. There are people who ask a home owner if they have any broken gold jewelry or single earrings, etc. and many times the home owner will just give it away. The lucky folks who get it, put it in a big jar until they collect enough to take it the gold buyer. You just never know.


An assortment of screwdrivers is a good thing to have in your tool kit.


And if you don’t have a decent toolkit, now is the time to pick one up. Get one with multiple storage areas and keep your tools clean and oiled to prevent rusting.



For the first few projects start with a good hand saw. Eventually you will need circular and miter saws.


Pick up an assortment of sandpaper. You can sand by hand until you find a few types of sanders.


Speaking of sanders, you need the basic rectangular shape and the one shaped like a diamond for getting into corners.


Look for chisels on sale in the stores or at a yard sale. You may not use them the first month you start your hobby but it won’t take long before you move onto bigger projects.

Hand Planer

A hand planer is going to be handy for getting one of your boards down to the proper size, before gluing and clamping.


You need wood working glue and depending on what you start building, you might need waterproof woodworking glue as well.


Clamps of various sizes are essential to hold your boards together while the glue dries.