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Black and Decker 20V Drill

Starting DIY

Recently, DIY and home improvement has become more and more popular among people, but many don’t have the tools for it. Some handymen with experience have plenty of tools, but if you know someone who’s just starting to get interested in home improvement or DIY projects, then a good quality drill is a great starting point for them.

This Black and Decker 20V drill is a high quality drill with a good kit of accessories, and is simple enough for anyone to pick up and figure out easily. It’s wireless and battery powered, which allows for much greater portability and handiness.


With a comfortable grip and a compact design, this drill won’t take up too much space but it’s still easy and comfortable to use. The drill has an RPM range of 0 to 750, which is plenty to tackle most home projects.

RPM stands for revolutions per minute, which essentially translates to how fast the drill bit spins. 750 isn’t a super high RPM number, but unless you’re taking on industrial projects, it’s going to be plenty.

If you have a keen eye, you might notice that it comes with a 24 position clutch, whereas many drills only come with 20. The clutch on a drill is that spinning circle on the front with all the different numbers on it.

The higher the number, the higher the torque, or rotational force, which will be applied to the bit. So by starting at a lower number and working your way up, you can avoid stripping screws or damaging the thing you’re trying to drill.

This drill comes with a 30 piece accessory kit, which includes everything that someone would need to get started with home improvement. It comes with bits for all of the standard screwdriver sizes, so any screws will be easy enough.

It also comes with socket bits, so nuts and bolts can be taken off as well, something that you’d typically need a socket wrench for. It also comes with full length drill bits, which can be used for drilling actual holes out for mounting bolts or screws in place.

The included 20V battery isn’t just long lasting, it’s actually very multifunctional. An entire line of battery-powered Black and Decker tools can all be powered with these same batteries, so that you don’t have to buy a new one for every single tool, but rather you can simply swap them out with each other.