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DeWalt 12 inch Miter Saw

Some home improvement projects are really simple. Things like mounting new handles onto cabinets, or moving shelving around, only require a drill and a level. However, there are some big projects out there, such as making a new shed for your backyard, redoing your patio from scratch, and so on.

These projects require a lot more in terms of machinery, but a great start for anyone would be a quality miter saw, like the one from DeWalt. Miter saws are incredibly useful for cutting big pieces of wood, especially when you need them to be cut at certain angles.

The DeWalt miter saw is durable and powerful, allowing you to make tons of cuts without having to worry about quality concerns while getting the cleanest cuts possible. If someone wanted to build a small shed, that’s a lot of wood cutting, particularly for the support beams and the planks that make up the walls.

It could be done by hand, sure, but the cuts wouldn’t be perfectly even and it would take hours. This miter saw can cut through wood extremely quickly, thanks to the powerful 3800 RPM motor.

When you lay down a wooden beam on the guide, there are some adjustments you can make depending on what you want to do. You can angle the saw left to right, making an angled cut on the wood ranging from 90 degrees to 45 degrees.

You can also then angle the saw up and down, changing the angle you’re cutting into it at. Once you have your wood all lined up how you want it, you can use the clamps to keep it steady.

This helps prevent accidents from the wood sliding around and being unstable during the cutting process. One of the nice quality of life features on this saw is that it has a dust collection system attached to it.

Sawdust can get everywhere – all over your shop, your clothes, and even in the air you breathe. With the dust collection system, you have minimal cleanup to do after you’re done working.

DeWalt is known for their quality tools, and their carbide blades are no exception. These blades are long lasting and durable, and cheap to replace when they do start to wear down. If something unexpectedly does go wrong with your machinery, you can rely on their 3-year warranty that allows you to replace the device.