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Women’s Tool Bag

which tool bag to choose for the day's work from www.ladiestoolkit.com

Note: The bags included in the picture are: Jackson Palmer 9 ” tool bag, Stanley soft side, DeWalt Lighted technicians bag and Milwaukee Heavy Duty. These are all affiliate links.

Taking your power tools out to the Job?

Wondering what type of Tool Bag to put your Power Tools In?
Here are some alternatives:


Stanley tool bag with large main compartment and side pockets from www.LadiesToolKit.com

Have you GOT a power tool bag to keep them in?

If you carry your power tools with you, AND they are important to you, then the tools need to be kept safe yet easily available.




DeWalt tool bag with central compartment and pockets. From www.LadiesToolKit.com






Pockets For Small Tools Are Useful

It’s very useful to have pockets on the tool bag and a LARGE central compartment to hold all those larger sized power tools.



DeWalt tool bag with pockets and central compartment. From www.LadiesToolKit.com




Wheeled Tool Carrier, Anyone?

If you have a LOT of heavy Power Tools, you may want a tool bag on wheels. It makes life a LOT easier, all your power tools are right there, and you’re not exhausted by the time you get to the job.



Hard top, wheeled tool bag with handle. From www.LadiesToolKit.com

Hard Top Tool Bag?

If you have one of those wheeled tool bags with a hard top, you have somewhere to rest your power tools while working with your other tools!